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Acne and Post-Infammatory Hyperpigmentation

Dear Dr Fairris

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to achieve my dream of being able to get married feeling happy and confident about my skin. As you will see from the photo I was able to wear a style of dress that didn't need to cover any bad skin and wear my hair up. When I originally met you I never believed this would have been possible.”

With all my thanks

Mrs Emma T

Testimonial Obagi Nu-Derm

Melasma and skin rejuvenation

When I first looked at the Wessex Skin Clinic website at the Clinic's own before and after photos I truly believed that the patients had makeup on and the photos had been manipulated. However, after seeing my own before and after photos after just 5 months of treatment I am amazed at the results and how true to life the photos really are! The support I have received during the treatment has been “incredible” and it has given me so much more confidence in myself especially now I can go out without any make-up on. Thank you!

Mrs Donnette M, 2009, Winchester Obagi Nu-Derm



I have had melasma for six years. I spent two years having it treated under the NHS with no results before my NHS consultant referred me to Dr Fairris.

Dr Fairris promised me that his modification of Obagi Nu-Derm would help my skin and to be honest I was doubtful. However, within eight weeks he has delivered way more. My skin has cleared! I wish I had visited the Wessex skin clinic years before.  

Mrs PW Bournemouth

Skin Rejuvenation

Obagi Nu-Derm is keeping time at bay! My skin is brighter and I have lost the lines under my eyes. I am pleased that Dr Fairris recommended it. It is definitely worth the money.

Mrs PH Winchester



I came to see Dr Fairris who was recommended to me by a friend and it’s the best decision I have ever made. I felt so low in myself and felt that the pigmentation in my face was all that people could see, even behind the mask of make-up I used to apply every day. I was very cynical before I started the treatment, I had tried countless creams before as I had been told by so many cosmetic advisers that it would clear the pigmentation and it didn’t. I was very negative going into the programme and almost felt like I was hearing the same thing again, “this will work” but it did. I am much more confident now and I wear the minerals makeup which was recommended to me and I get daily compliments on how clear my skin looks. I am getting married in January and this is the best outcome I could have wished for my big day.