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Who will benefit?

  • If your lips are less full than you wish them to be.
  • If your lips are less defined than you wish them to be.
  • If you have lines on the red part of the lip.

Who will not benefit?

Anyone who wants lips more than 25% bigger than they were in their teens. Over-inflation distorts the lip's natural, sensuous curve.

What does it do?

The filler is injected to re-define the junction between the white and red part of the lip and reconstruct the cupid's bow.

Benefits of Juvederm Volbella

  • It is a safe hyaluronic acid filler that can be dissolved, if necessary.
  • The discomfort of the injection is minimal.
  • It is the longest lasting of the hyaluronic acid fillers (lasting between 6-12 months).

If you choose to be treated at the Wessex Skin Clinic

You will be treated by Dr Catherine Fairris who has extensive experience and training in the use of dermal filler for lip augmentation.


Ring 01962 879961 to book a treatment


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