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Who will benefit?

Anyone who looks "tired" because they have developed dark circles under their eyes.

What does it do?

The filler lifts the skin on the upper border of the cheeks, where the thick skin of the cheek meets the thin skin of the lower eyelid. The skill lies in injecting enough filler to revitalise the appearance of the cheeks without changing the overall shape of the face. 

The benefits are:

  1. The dark groove under the eye is softened: cheek augmentation is the best way to achieve this without the bruising that can be caused by injecting filller directly into the eyelid.
  2. The face looks more energetic and youthful: the fitter you are, the more likely you are to burn up the fat pad under the eye and look tired.
  3. The lower eyelid "shortens": people in their teens and twenties have a short lower eyelid that curves smoothly into their cheeks.

Benefits of using Juvederm Ultra

  • It is a safe hyaluronic acid filler that can be dissolved, if necessary.
  • The discomfort of the injection is minimal.
  • It is the longest lasting of the hyaluronic acid fillers.
  • The result is smooth and long lasting (usaually one year).
  • Unlike most other cheek fillers, it does not migrate away from where it was injected.

If you choose to be treated at the Wessex Skin Clinic

You will be treated by Dr Geoffrey Fairris, Consultant Dermatologist, who has been injecting fillers for 18 years.


Ring 01962 879961 to book a treatment


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