Forehead Wrinkle Removal Specialist - Hampshire

Frown lines                                                      Lines around the eyes 

Who will benefit?

  • Most people with horizontal forehead lines.
  • Anyone with a habit of unintentionally raising their eyebrows.

Who will not benefit?

  • Anyone who uses the muscles on their forehead to keep their eyebrows raised.
  • To find out if you are one of these people, depress you eyebrow half a centimeter with your finger. If it pings back up when you let go, your forehead lines need treating with filler and not Botox.

How does it work?

It weakens the muscles that lift the eyebrows and wrinkle the forehead.

The benefits are:

  • The forehead lines heal.
  • The upper half of the face looks more youthful.
  • You will communicate more effectively.

Benefits of Botox

  • Research suggests that it lasts longer than other forms of botulinum toxin
  • It is better researched.

If you choose to be treated at the Wessex Skin Clinic

  • To save you time and money, we operate on a 'see and treat' basis.
  • You will be treated by Dr Geoffrey Fairris, Consultant Dermatologist, who has been injecting Botox for 12 years.

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